The President of Al-Muthanna University Prof. Dr. Amer Ali Al-Atwi, inaugurated the proceedings of the First International Scientific Conference of Pure and Applied Sciences , which was organized by the College of Science in cooperation with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The Conference lasts for two consecutive days and in held electronically.
Twenty-one countries has participated in the conference, representing Arab , European and Asian countries in addition to Iraq with hundreds of research papers.
In the opening speech, the president of the university said that “Al-Muthanna University, despite its young age, which did not exceed fourteen years, has strived hard to engrave its name in the advanced ranks in the list of Iraqi universities by laying the sound foundations that pave the way for effective access to the ranks of advanced universities. The university has been very keen to provide scientific outputs that are in high harmony with the requirements of the labor market.”
He stressed “Thanks to God, Al-Muthanna University defied difficulties and exceptional circumstances and did not make it an obstacle to the completion of its plans and projects.”
He added, “On behalf of the Council of Al-Muthanna University , I extend my thanks and appreciation to the College of Science at USM for its valuable and qualitative participation in the work of this conference. I also appreciate your kind response to participate in this important scientific conference, and we are confident that your conference will provide a qualitative addition, especially if we look at the participation of this conference.”
From his side , Prof. Dr. Laith Abdul-Hassan, the dean of the College of Science and the President of the Conference stressed the importance of the conference and its active role in supplying the scientific arena with solid research. He thanked the presidency of the Al- Muthanna University and USM for their active contribution to the success of the conference.
The Dean of the Faculty of Physics at USM Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Ibrahim, spoke about the importance of the conference, extending his thanks and greetings to the President of Al-Muthanna University and the College of Science for their efforts in holding this qualitative conference, which includes various pieces of pure science of public interest.
The opening session witnessed the presentation of documentaries representing the civilized and heritage history of Al-Muthanna Governorate, as well as the presentation of the graphic statistics of the conference, the participating country, and the scientific research accepted in the conference.


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