Our big ambition is to be a sustainable university

We are committed to providing a sustainable environment at our university and community and continuing our progress to make our activities more sustainable in support of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out below what we’re aiming for, what we’re currently doing.



What we’re doing to be more sustainable?


Reducing our energy and carbon footprint

It has been a priority to use energy-efficient applicants in all buildings of Al-Muthanna
University. That has been a general practice in recent years at Al-Muthanna University
for the purpose of energy-saving and to manage our energy usage sustainability. Therefore,
the approximate use of energy-efficient applicants (particularly LED lamps and laptops)
is around 75%.

It is also good to mention that there is a total area of smart buildings of 82150 m2
across all campuses of Al-Muthanna University. In addition, the total Carbon footprint in 2019 is
equal to 49.59 metric tons.
In addition, buildings at Al-Muthanna University have
been designed and constructed to have natural daylighting and natural ventilation.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Several programs have been set by Al-Muthanna University to encourage staff and students to recycle and reduce waste. Some of these programs are related to paper and plastic usage. Others are related to materials used in laboratories. In addition, some policies have been placed to promote using reusable plates and glasses to reduce the number of disposable materials across the university.

Furthermore, an agreement has been established between Al-Muthanna University and
some personals, who do charity activities, to collect used clothes and shoes and deliver them
to those in need.

Our University has been paying attention to the issue of paper and plastic usage and how it affects the environment. As a result, some programs have been established to reduce the use of paper and plastic on campus.