Our University in Brief

Al-Muthanna University is a young, quickly growing Iraqi university, which in 17 years has become an institute that offers a wide- range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in several fields.
With this variety of degrees, students from inside and outside of Al-Muthanna Province can choose to achieve their degrees to be able to find a job in various sectors or to fulfil their ambition of getting a higher degree. Last year, the number of students at Al-Muthanna University in general was more than 11000 in the morning study and 3000 students in the evening study.
For those students who come from outside Al-Muthanna Province, Al-Muthanna University can be considered a good choice from a social life perspective. It offers nearly free accommodation for them and is located in a very convenient place, where they can easily access public transportation and shops. In addition, the city center of Samawah City, the centre of Al-Muthanna Province, is very close to the main campus.

Academic year 2023-2024


Al-Muthanna university offers Bachelor degrees in many disciplines, namely Medicine, Pharmacy, Vet, Nursing, Engineering, Science, Education, Administration and Economics, Agriculture and Sports. In addition, students can accomplish postgraduate degrees at Al-Muthanna University in various areas, such as Science, Education, Commerce, Agriculture and Sports.
Al-Muthanna University offers very good teaching and training opportunities by utilizing high quality laboratories and employing qualified staff. Al-Muthanna University employs more than 900 academic staff with postgraduate degrees (M.Sc and PhD). In addition, there are around 95 laboratories spread throughout our colleges with high quality instruments and facilities


Recently, Al-Muthanna University has started to improve the abilities and expertise of its employees by collaborating with some international institutions.Al-Muthanna University is one of the top public universities in Iraq. It is ranked #201+ in Arab Region Rankings 2024.
MU offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are conducted by the following Colleges:

Main Campus

  1. College of Science
  2. College of Basic Education
  3. College of Humanities Education
  4. College of Engineering
  5. College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  6. College of Educational Science Studies
  7. College of Agriculture
  8. College of Literature
  9. College of Administration and Economics
  10. College of Nursing
  11. College Low

Health Campus 1

College of Medical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Health Campus 2

College of Dental Sciences

Veterinary  Campus

College Veterinary Medicine