Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amer Ali Al-Atwi, The President of Al-Muthanna University, the activities of the first evaluation conference for e-learning is held at the university, under the slogan “E-learning and the prospects for the transition to integrated education in the university”, with a wide participation from the colleges of the university and a member of the ministerial team of  E-learning .

The president of the university presented, in the opening speech of the conference, an over view  of the e-learning experience at Al-Muthanna University. He  emphasized that “the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research was serious about its pioneering project to switch to electronic education under the conditions of the country as well as the outbreak of the pandemic of Corona . The challenges were great for the Ministry and its specialized team, still,  sincerity of intentions was the decisive factor in the success of the process during  the academic year”.

He added that “Our university is serious about implementing the blended education project adopted by the ministry, as the most successful and safe project for the parties of the educational process in achieving goals and visions in delivering scientific material as well as preserving everyone’s health from  Corona pandemic.”

The conference lasted for three days : The first day of the conference was devoted for presenting the experiences of the Colleges of the Medical Group in e-learning,  while the second day was devoted to the rest of the colleges in the University and the third day is set to present the conclusions and  recommendations of the conference concerning blended education project.


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