The College of Veterinary Medicine

The College establishment

The idea of establishing the college of Veterinary medicine at Al Muthanna University was initiated at the beginning of 2012 and was supported and approved by the decision that made by the council of Al-Muthanna University. That decision was also got the approval by the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research on 2nd of September, 2012. Accordingly, eight divisions were established (Microbiology, Public Health, Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Parasitology, Physiology, Pharmacology & Chemistry, Pathology (Poultry & Ichthyology), Internal and Preventive Medicine, and Surgery & Obstetric).

Our duty at the college started on 16th of August, 2012 with the appreciated help that we got from our university and other universities in Iraq. The administration of Al-Muthanna University has given us a hand to support us with highly ranked staff to run the college by giving the permission to the staff and faculty of the College of Science and the College of Agriculture to transfer their responsibilities to our college. We have provided with a very nice building of three floors and that was very helpful to us to do our incredible job within very short time. 

Our college was ready for 1st grade students by 1st of November, 2012 and we accepted 63 students for year 2012-2013, 73 students for 2013-2014 and we have a plan to make the number 50 students/year. Today, our college has professional laboratories that are necessary for students to understand the core scientific materials. We have 24 faculty and there are 6 of them had a scholarship to get a Ph.D. degrees from high ranked universities around the world.

Our Message and Focus:

Our main message and goal is delivering the knowledge of the basic and clinical sciences to our students during their journey of five years at our college. Our students at the undergraduate level will earn a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgery. We are also involved in teaching the graduate students at Al-Muthanna University for both of Master and Ph.D. studies. It is our pride to mention that we are working very hard to make our college as one of the best colleges of Veterinary Medicine in Iraq and Middle East by providing our students with up to date requirements such as; books, journals and high quality labs to graduate successful veterinary doctors who are able to take the responsibility in Al-Muthanna Province and other Iraqi Provinces as well. 


  1. Providing the community with perfect veterinarians who have a high level of knowledge and experience.
  2. Giving the aid and consultation to animals’ owners and the owners of poultry and fish breeding farms.
  3. Having many veterinary clinics that are able to help the community resolving a lot of health problems particularly, the ones that animals play a role in their prognosis.
  4. Developing the veterinary medicine by building up many projects to help our graduated veterinarians to apply what they already studied during their stay at our college for five years.
  5. Supporting the vaccination programs to control the zoonotic diseases that have the ability to attack humans.
  6. Control the zoonotic diseases that might enter the country from overseas countries.
  7. Protecting the community by controlling the zoonotic diseases and examination of food and meat products that are produced inside the country or imported from outside the country.


1. Teaching students many courses that related to the public health such as; Animal Management, Computer Science, Poultry Management, Nutritional Science, Genetics, Biostatistics, and Veterinary Public Health.
2. Giving the veterinary consultation and guidance to the owners of poultry and animals’ farms.
3. Graduate expert veterinary doctors who can work in a variety of fields such as; animals’ slaughterhouses, dairy factories, milk collecting centers, animals’ farms, etc. Additionally, they will be responsible for detecting and examining the products to make sure they are safe for human consumption.
Division’s Focus:
The Division of Public Health is a scientific technical division that focuses on providing the community with high quality products. The Division’s Message: In the Division of Public Health, we have three aims: 1. Teaching: Providing an excellent educational environment for students and providing them with science to make them able to face and solve the health problems that are related with veterinary medicine. 2. Scientific Research: encouraging students to be excellent researchers and focusing on explaining each scientific activity in details. In addition, we encourage free thinking and creativity in scientific research. 3. Serving the Community: building of multiple collaborations with many government offices by holding of many conferences and scientific meetings in order to share the science with the people outside the university.
Our division is focusing on how to make the students able to diagnose the causative agents of many diseases and link that to the scientific research. Goals:
1. Conducting microbiological experiments that are related to clinical diseases.
2. Teaching Students many courses are related to microbial diseases such as; Bacteriology, Parasitology, Virology, and Immunology.
3. Explaining to the students the mechanism by which diseases are progressing.
4. Be updated with the newest revolutions in science and keep our students updated as well.
5. Providing our laboratories with up to date instruments and devices to facilitate students learning.
Division of Surgery and Obstetric is considered one of the most important divisions because it teaches students how to do practical and clinical surgery in addition to taking care of the reproductive system of animals.
1. Build up the surgical experience by teaching students how to be successful veterinary surgeons.
2. Be updated with the science development and growing.
3. Planning to offer Master and Ph.D. studies.
4. Attending and holding a workshops and conferences to meet and share the knowledge with the field’s pioneers.
Our Message:
Our graduated veterinarians will be able to serve the community by building clinics in a way that reflects what they have learned during their stay as students in our college.
Who are we?
We are a division that is dealing with diseases and the mechanism by which diseases are getting progressed. We are working on our student to help them in understanding and explaining the physiology of diseases and how to distinguish between the normal and abnormal physiological status.
Additionally, we are working very hard to keep ourselves connected with the global scientific development by conducting and publishing high ranked papers in high impact factor journals.
Our message is building our students’ knowledge by providing them with high scientific courses such as; Pathology, Poultry Diseases, Fish Pathology, Pathological Anatomy, and Veterinary Clinic. We are working very hard on theoretical lectures and practical manuals to make sure that our students are getting the expected benefits that we and they are looking for.
1. Training our staff to make sure they are doing their best.
2. Keeping in touch with global research by encouraging our staff to get the degrees from unique universities and pushing them to attend global conferences.
3. Working on publishing our peer reviewed paper in high impact factor journals.
4. Helping the community by giving people an easy access to get the guidance and consultation. 5. Organizing some workshops and conferences and show the community who we are and what we are doing.
This division is focusing on anatomy, histology and embryology and how to link the theoretical knowledge with scientific research. For example, anatomy is a fundamental science for many other sciences. Therefore, we are willing to build solid knowledge and practical hands to help other fields in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in doing anatomical and histological researches.
1. Teaching the students important courses such as; Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology.
2. Working with our staff to make sure that our students are getting the high quality of science.
3. Trying to do good collaborations with global universities around the world by sending our staff there and in this way, the scientific exchange will happen.
4. Updating our lectures and lab manuals to be kept in touch with global scientific research. Our Message:
Providing the community with experts in veterinary medicine by:
1. Creating an educational environment for students to learn and get the benefits of our knowledge.
2. Involving scientific research in our strategy to be connected with what is going on globally.
3. Letting the community know about who we are and what we are doing and how that affects the community.
Our Message:
Enriching our students scientifically, practically, and ethically to reflect a very brilliant picture of what they have learned in our college. Goals:
1. Teaching our students on courses that are very related to veterinary medicine such as; Clinical Pathology, Infectious Diseases, Zoonotic Diseases, and Clinical Veterinary Medicine.
2. Focusing on scientific research.
3. Holding workshops and conferences to meet other pioneers and share science.
4. Building good collaborations with other colleges of Veterinary Medicine in and out of our country.
5. Encouraging our staff to be updated and connected with the global scientific research.
1. Teaching the students the main principles that related to parasites by offering a Parasitology course which demonstrating the different kinds of parasites and their life cycles and how to control them.
2. Encouraging scientific research by studying the life cycles and how to find out the ways to control their virulence and as a result of that, the community will be protected from parasitic harming effects.
Our division was established in 2012 and considered a fundamental division in which the students are being taught to answer “How and Why?”. In our division, we teach Chemistry, Medical Physics, Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology.
1. Graduating successful veterinary doctors, we have to let our students know and understand all of the courses mentioned above because we believe that these courses are the most important courses in veterinary medicine to build solid knowledge that enable the students to be successful.
2. Updating our graduates by organizing seminars or workshops to show the importance of our division.
3. Focusing on the importance of every single course offered by our division to understand how it is related to veterinary medicine.
4. Willing to establish graduate studies that offer Master and Ph.D. degrees.
Our Message:
Even though our division is still young, it is growing up in an incredible way. It started its responsibilities since 2012 and by that time our division offers courses for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year students. We are still working very hard to be kept updated and in touch with the global universities by getting the benefits of our staff who are getting their Ph.D. degrees from the best universities around the world.