Who are we?

Al Muthanna University is one of the best Iraqi universities which is located in Samawah ,Al Muthanna Province , south of Iraq. It was established in 2007. It consists of 32 scientific departments that are distributed in 15 colleges:

Our vision

Occupying a privileged position among the educational institutions as a leader in scientific research with local and international learning outcomes

Our mission

Seeking to develop knowledge, creativity, a spirit of competition, and to produce research that serves community, optimal employment for security and community partnership

Our aims

Qualifying students
Providing scientific services to society
Improving institutional performance
Administrative development
Creating a supportive environment for scientific research
Infrastructure development

Our Centers & Institutions: AL- Badia and Sawa Lake Studies Center

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Main Campus Address

Iraq, Al Muthanna Province, Al-Samawah, the educational area

Sat - Tues, 8:00-20:00
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Vice-Chancellor for Scientific  Affairs Office


 Vice-Chancellor for Administration Affairs Office


Foreign Relations Office


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