The Central Library

The Central Library

The central library is one of the main indicators of the culture and knowledge of nations and individuals. The central library at Al-Muthanna University is one of the most important facilities that provide an essential service at our main campus.

The central library is the cultural center of various sciences; at the same time, it plays an essential role by providing every student, researcher, professor and thinker with the right information and knowledge that help him / her in the service of science and society. The central library consists of five divisions with twenty one administrative units.

Our central library contains 14016 book titles; the total number of books is 35023 books, some titles have more than one paper copy. There are more than 40,000 e-books at our e-library which are offered to our students, researchers, and professors. Another source of information is theses and dissertations; there are 1661 titles which cover wide areas of disciplines. In addition, the central library contains 535 titles of magazines and periodicals. At the same time, all our faculty members and our graduate students are provided with access to the Iraqi Virtual Library through our central library.

At the last year, more than 14220 visitors have provided with services from our central library. These services include: borrowing books or theses and dissertations, copying services, issuing ID cards to the students, providing fast internet service to the students and visitors, providing access to research articles throughout the Iraqi Virtual Library.

In addition, the central library is engaged with many other activities such as the following:

  • Organizing several workshops to the students that focus on teaching research methodologies.
  • Organizing workshops and training courses to the library’s administrative staff and employees at the colleges. These workshops and courses focus on using KOHA system.
  • Organizing many book exhibitions through cooperation with other libraries and educational institutions.
  • Participation in the international conferences that are specialized in information and libraries.
  • Cooperation with some elementary schools located at Al-Muthanna province in order to organize scientific visits and tours. This cooperation enables the elementary students to participate in tours that show them the central library at our campus.
  • Holding many seminars in different subjects to the faculty members and the graduate students at our university.