College of Agriculture at Al-Muthanna University completed the activities of its second virtual international conference on Agricultural Sciences entitled “Scientific Research is a Gateway to Achieve Food Security and Sustainable Development. Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Hamid Blau, the dean of the college said that ‘The importance of the conference comes from the fact that it seeks to address a problem that the agricultural sector is suffering from at the present time, which is the decrease in the amount of agricultural products, a matter that causes shortage in the agricultural crops and led to low rates of agricultural commodities, lack of self-sufficiency as well as food insecurity. He added that “the problem of food security is a problem that the society suffers from as it led to high prices in the food supplies, hence the conference tried to solve this problem and other problems related to agricultural sector if the recommendations of the conference would be regarded seriously because it aimed to eliminate the problem of food insufficiency in the present time and achieve significant rates of self-sufficiency. It is noteworthy that the conference included more than 120 researches that participated in the components of the virtual international conferences on agricultural sciences.


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