Our Vision

“Occupying a privileged position among the educational institutions as a leader in scientific research with local and international learning outcomes”

Our mission

“Seeking to develop knowledge, creativity, a spirit of competition, and to produce research that serves the community, optimal employment for security and community partnership”

 Our AIMS   

First: Qualifying students who are unable to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market, in, 

Undergraduate majors:

Studying the suitability of scientific disciplines for primary and postgraduate studies in light of the work requirements

Curriculum and study system:

– Study the transition from the annual system and the semester system to the course system.

– Updating the educational curricula.

Learning and learning resources:

-Developing a policy for blended education.

-Preparing general programs to develop the skills of students and graduates, in a scientific and specialized manner.

Foreign students:

Studying the development of mechanisms for attracting international students, and encouraging scientific and cultural exchange

Second: Providing scientific services to society and striving to develop it:

Scientific research:

-Developing mechanisms to employ scientific research in the service and development of society.

Volunteer work:

Meet the needs of the community by volunteering.

Consulting offices:

Contribution of consulting offices to community development and service.

Consulting contributions:

Providing scientific services that reflect with the community and expand its development.

Third: Improving institutional performance and ensuring the quality of the educational process:

Federation of Arab Universities:

-Joining the Federation of Arab and International Universities and Associations.

Founding Accreditation:

-Seeking to meet the requirements of local and international programmatic and institutional accreditation.

-Obtaining the laboratory accreditation certificate.

-International and local classifications.

Fourth: Administrative development, improvement of work methods towards the transition to a peaceful system, and electronic governance

Organizational Mechanism:

-Reviewing and updating the organizational mechanism of the university and mechanisms.


-Develop electronic infrastructure, and build information technology systems, in order to shift towards electronic management.

Human Resources:

-Strengthening the motivation of human resources and developing their capabilities.

Money development:

Strengthening and diversifying the university’s financial funding sources.

Fifth: Creating a supportive environment for scientific research that is compatible with the development of society.

-Supporting research centers and drawing vertically.

-Motivating faculty members to conduct joint research.

-Raising the faculty members’  efficiency and developing their research skills.

-Scientific cooperation with scientific institutions, and encouragement of joint research.

-Developing university magazines, and setting the necessary plans to enter into international institutions.

Sixth: Infrastructure development and the development of academic environmental sustainability and the creation of a university atmosphere

-Studying and developing the university’s infrastructure.

-The sustainable development of the university campus.

-Strengthening the services provided to students.

-Preparing a code of conduct to support university education