Learn more about the colleges that make up our progressive university

 College of Law

The college contains two branches within its organizational structure, and work has been done through only one scientific branch, which is the branch of public law. The students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in law after four years of studying successfully, which provides state departments and the private sector with qualified (legal) staff specialized in law sciences in all its branches.

 College of Basic Education

The college contains three departments (Science, Arabic Language, and History).  The college has six scientific laboratories (chemistry, physics, and biology) in addition to two computer laboratories. students in the college of basic education are accepted centrally, as graduates of the preparatory study are accepted with two branches: scientific and literary, and the duration of study in the college is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in scientific and humanitarian specializations.

 College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The duration of study in the college is four years, after which the graduate student will be granted a bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports sciences. The graduate is physically, and professionally prepared, and ready to be appointed as a teacher in middle schools.

 College of Education for Humanities

The college encompasses five departments, namely the Department of the Arabic language, The Department of History, The Department of Geography, The Department of the Qur’an Sciences, and The Department of English. The duration of the study is four years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s degree, and three years for a Ph.D. The postgraduate studies have been opened to include a Master’s degree in the Departments of Arabic Language, History, and Geography and a Ph.D. in the departments of Arabic Language and Geography.

College of Sciences

The college includes four departments: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Applications. The duration of the study in college is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree. The college opened postgraduate studies (MASTER) in the departments of life Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

 College of Arts

The College consists of two departments;  the Department of Sociology and the Department of Archaeology. The college seeks to develop its capabilities to achieve knowledge development that serves the community and is compatible with the labor market and the needs of the community by employing scientific techniques and modern technology.

 College of Medicine

The College of Medicine is making real efforts to improve health care in Al-Muthanna province and the whole country by preparing new doctors who are qualified to deal with various health dilemmas, capable of self-learning, and have access to continuing education and scientific research. Graduates are prepared to complete postgraduate studies in any branch of medicine and to keep pace with scientific development constantly by participating in medical and international conferences and others.

College of Administration and Economics

The College of Administration and Economics has three departments; Accounting, Financial and Banking Sciences, and Business Administration. The college has ambitious plans to adopt the best modern methods of education, create distinguished research centers, build a real partnership with public and private sector institutions, and establish a relationship of cooperation and knowledge exchange with corresponding colleges in Iraq and other countries

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering was established to be a leader in advanced technologies and a hub for new ideas in Iraq. It is committed to provide solutions to problems by providing unique bachelor’s degrees in three programs: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, and Electronic and Communications Engineering. These programs were established with the goal to prepare students to face future challenges by inventing new solutions and techniques to improve the living environment of humanity.

College of Pure Sciences

The College strives to reach advanced ranks and provide society with scientific and educational cadres capable of creativity, giving, excellence in knowledge, and serving the scientific research process in various disciplines to directly and effectively influence society. The College has two departments; the Department of Life Sciences and the Department of Mathematics.

College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy is preparing and providing Iraqi health institutions with professional and qualified pharmacists. The college also working on developing laboratories to improve scientific research.

College of Veterinary Medicine

The College has developed an integrated plan to carry out the integrated educational process at the level of bachelor’s degree and postgraduate studies in the specializations of the different divisions of the College and in the framework of existing laws and instructions and organization for these activities. The duration of study in the college is five years, after which the graduate student will be granted Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.