Learn more about the colleges that make up our progressive university

 College of Law

The College of Law/University of Al-Muthanna was established in the year 2012, and it is accepted by graduates of the high school in its scientific and literary branches through the mechanism followed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The college contains two branches within its organizational structure, and work has been done through only one scientific branch, which is the branch of public law. The students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in law after four years of studying successfully, which provides state departments and the private sector with qualified (legal) staff specialized in law sciences in all its branches.

The College of Law at the University of Al-Muthanna looks forward to being a solid scientific edifice that keeps up with the international institutions that are concerned with the making law and legislation, and from this vision, we establish to meet all the needs of the legal institution by opening new departments and paying attention to postgraduate studies in accordance with the international scientific frameworks approved in high-rank universities in the world and from God the success.                                                                                           

 The college also aims to introduce the legal reality in Iraq to all researchers and specialists in the field of law outside the country through publishing research, articles, and writing books. On the other hand, the college’s objectives are not limited to the mental and intellectual preparation of the student in the legal aspect but extend to the spiritual and moral aspects by instilling the spirit of citizenship, sincerity, and dedication in the performance of work. Finally, the government and society cannot witness continuous development in various aspects of life Only through the efforts and dedication of their people.                     

 College of Basic Education

The college of basic education was established in the academic year (2011-2012) with 3 departments (Science, Arabic language, and History). Introducing a department (first grades teacher) and in the academic year (2016-2017) The departments (educational guidance and psychological orientation, first grades teacher) were suspended. The college is located north of the city of Samawa on the main road (Samawa – Diwaniyah). The college includes a model hall for holding seminars and conferences (Al-Mutanabbi Hall) and three model halls for E-learning. The college includes six scientific laboratories (chemistry, physics, and biology) in addition to two computer laboratories. students in the college of basic education are accepted centrally, as graduates of the preparatory study are accepted with two branches: scientific and literary, and the duration of study in the college is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in scientific and humanitarian specializations.

 College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The College was started in the academic year 2009-2010. The duration of study in the college is four years, after which the graduate student will be granted a bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports sciences. The graduate is physically, and professionally prepared, and ready to be appointed as a teacher in middle schools.

The College consists of three branches:

First: Department of theoretical sciences which was established at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the opening of the College in 2009. The branch includes a group of teachers specialized in the teaching of theoretical subjects.

Second: Individual Games Branch which was established in 2009 and includes a group of teachers who specialize in teaching the practical materials for individual sports, which are taught for the four stages

Third: the branch of the sciences was established in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the opening of the faculty in 2009 and it consists of a group of teachers who specialize in teaching the practical materials of athletics, which is taught for the four stages.

 College of Education for Humanities

The college encompasses five departments, namely the Department of Arabic language, The Department of History, The Department of Geography, The Department of the Qur’an Sciences and The Department of English. The duration of the study is four years for bachelor degree, two years for the master degree and three years for the PHD. The postgraduate studies have been opened to include Master degree in the Departments of Arabic Language, History and Geography and PHD in the departments of Arabic Language and Geography.

College of Sciences

The college includes departments (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Applications). The duration of the study in college is four years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor degree. The college opened postgraduate studies (MASTER) in the departments of life Biology, Chemistry and Physics.