Al Muthanna University is an ambitious university that focuses on delivering high-quality teaching and learning, with a high commitment to the public good. At MU, all are strived to maintain an inclusive environment where students and staff can success. The university is a vibrant place of learning, creativity and innovation.

• History: Al Muthanna University is a public university in the city of Samawa, Al Muthanna, Iraq; It was established in 2007. MU is organized into 15 faculties: Engineering; Science; Medical; Veterinary; Nursing; Fundamental education; Humanities; Agriculture; Pharmacy; Dentistry; pure science; Fine Art; Finance; law and Sport science.

• Location and transport: The city of Samawa is located south of Iraq, 270 Km south of Baghdad; the closest airport is Najaf airport (190 km). It is also connected to the other cities with a good network of bus and train lines.
The university colleges are distributed in three locations. The main campus is in the educational area 4 km from the city centre. Public transport can be used to reach this campus. Health faculties (Medicine and Pharmacy) are located on a complex close to the city centre, while both the Veterinary and Dentistry colleges are in a nice complex near the Euphrates River just on the other side of the city centre.

• Entry standards for international students: MU welcomes both Iraqi and international students for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We normally require applicants to have the degree of secondary school to join our undergraduate courses.

• Course structure/flexibility: The university offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate levels ranging from engineering and pure science to health and life science. Our 15 faculties provide students with well-designed, high standard, courses.

• Teaching standards: The university’s strategy for learning and teaching helps reinforce our reputation for offering a distinctive high-quality student experience.

• Research standards: MU is committed to supporting and ensuring good research practice across the university. The ethical standards that operate at the university are obeying the world standards.

• Academic strengths: More than 650 highly educated staff members who are graduated from well-respected universities around the world are working at MU and passion to share knowledge and experiences with their students.

• Student facilities, including library and computing: A central library and computer centre are available and open for MU students for research purposes. Students at MU are allowed to use different computer labs available at each faculty as well as other labs.

• Sport: Students at MU can enjoy their free time by playing sports at the sports areas available around the campus.

• Fees and Finance: Normally the study is free of charge for local students. However, for those who want to take specific courses or for international students, fees are required which is decided by the Ministry of higher education.

• Accommodation: All of our accommodation is within easy walking distance of our redeveloped campus.