No Dean’s Name College
1 Prof.Dr. Hassan Ouda Al-Ghanimi University President
2 Prof.Dr. Kasim Mohammed Hello Assist President of Science Affairs
3 Prof.Dr. Hussein Kamil Jaber  Assist President of Administrative Affairs
4 Assist Prof.Dr Arwaa A.Abdul Hussein  Medical College
5 Assist Prof.Dr Hussein Jaber Abdul Hussein  Science College
6 Assist Prof.Dr Raid T.Hade  Engineering College
7 Assist Prof.Dr Mohammed Filaih Hassan  Education of Humanities College
8 Prof.Dr Amer Ali Hussein Al-Atwi  Economic and Administration College
9 Assist Prof.Dr Zain Al Abdeen Awad Kadm  Law College
10 Prof.Dr. Faisal M. Al-Taher Agriculture College
11 Assist Prof.Dr Mahmood abid Hammed Literature College
12 Assist Prof.Dr Dergham Majeed Hameed Nursing College
13 Prof.Dr. Hassan Hadi Al-Zayadi Physical Education and Sport Science
14 Prof.Dr. Jawad Kadhum Pharmacy College
15 Assist Prof.Dr Sahib Manshid Abbas Basic Education College
16 Assist Prof.Dr Ihsan Abdullah Kumail Dentist College
17 Assist Prof.Dr Tareq Jaafar Veterinary Medicin College
18 Assist Prof.Dr Talib Abdul Hussein Pure Science College