In order to meet the Iraqi employers demand by improving the English language ability, MU is preparing to set up a new facility specifically for the teaching of English. The centre which is planned to be opened next October is a part of the agreement between MU and IREX. This agreement includes eight weeks training course for four staff members from our University in Arkansas university. The training will be on English courses design and assessment techniques. By finishing this course, the trained group will be able to establish the centre and convey their knowledge to our staff as well as students. The centre, also, is intended to provide services for the local community and employers in Samawa city and neighbour cities.  MU will be the third Iraqi university to open its English centre after Koya University/ Kurdistan and Southern Technical University/ Basrah. The centre is funded by the US embassy in Iraq, through its US–Iraq Higher Education Partnership Program, and received technical guidance from IREX.

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