The University Housing

The University Housing


Housing is one of the most important issues in human life, as it is an indispensable necessity which cannot be postponed.

Over the past decades, Iraq has suffered from suffocating housing crises that have negatively affected the lives of many citizens.

The issue of providing housing services to the university's employees and faculty staff was one of the first questions put on the table when the establishment of the university has started.


The thought of providing adequate housing for our employees has been conducted in parallel with the reconstruction projects and the establishment of scientific and technical buildings. The first step of the project was selecting a considerable area within the educational campus to be the first residential complex that is provided to the families of university' faculty members and the administration staff and in return for symbolic fees do not burden them.


The university housing projects in Al-Muthanna University are one of the oldest projects conducted at the university, where the university provides integrated housing units equipped with all the basic services for its teachers and staff. This service comes within the University's quest to provide a perfect and stable atmosphere for its employees. These projects are supervised by the Property and Housing Unit.


The head of Property and Housing Division at the university stressed that the issue of university housing is one of the most important topics in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and that there are great administrative and technical efforts being made to ensure the provision of decent housing for the university' faculty members and the administration staff. The establishment of the Property and Housing Division is only a serious effort in this the path.


He pointed out that Al-Muthanna University has a group of buildings that are located and constructed according to the university sitemap which is designed by our civil engineers and architects. The buildings include 68 housing units that are classified as 32 apartments spread over three buildings. The rest are horizontal residential houses located at the university's educational campus.


These units are occupied by a number of families of the professors and the employees and are provided to them according to the housing laws that are controlled by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as the following, 58 percent is allocated to the faculty members, 35 percent is provided to the employees and 5 percent to those with special grades and rare scientific specialties. The division conducts an annual update of the housing and the beneficiaries to achieve a fair distribution.


On the other hand, the residential complex includes integrated services offered at supported prices such as drinking water, electricity and tiling in addition to the sewage. We are working in order to provide more housing units to our employees and faculty members and we are planning to cooperate with other governmental organizations.   


It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, within its government program, encouraged its institutions to draw up development plans in this matter, especially by opening the door for investment and cooperation with the public and private sectors in order to invest the lands of the Ministry to construct housing complexes that serve its employees and provide them with decent housing. The coming years will witness remarkable housing projects in various Iraqi public and private universities benefiting thousands of the ministry employees.