Student Activities

Student Activities

At Al-Muthanna University, we are not limited to our role as an educational institution affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq which provides scientific knowledge to the students. We are eager to be a cultural institution and intellectual lighthouse that contribute in building the perceptions and personalities of our members. It is well known that the extracurricular activities are one of the most important activities that educational institutions are keen to provide to their students.



These activities contribute to relieve the studying pressure on the students and breaking the monotony. In addition, it provides the opportunity to skip from the stress of work and help the participants to restore the energy required to continue performing their duties and daily functions. Al-Muthanna University is keen to provide these opportunities for its staff and students by allocating some of its buildings to practice these cultural, sports and intellectual activities.


Therefore, we can say that the recreational and cultural activities that are offered to the students are one of the most important priorities in the university. The University provides the students with places and times where they can practice their sports and intellectual hobbies. For example, the university has a full equipped five-ball stadium in which the Student Activities Administrative Unit organizes an annual tournament for athletes from different colleges and universities.


The university also has a sports recreation center where students practice various indoor sports such as basketball, handball, gymnastics and others. These facilities had a positive impact on the sports at the university. The university teams participate in various competitions organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. These teams were able to achieve advanced results during these participations, which led to the designation of many university's students as players in the national teams. The university also organizes central sports tournaments for the students of its colleges such as the university tournament in the five-ball and the university chess championship.


On the other hand, the University and its faculties offer the opportunity to the students to participate in artistic and cultural activities. At the campus center, there is a modern cultural center building, The Hall of the Martyr Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jayashi. The center includes a theater that can be used as a showroom and a stage for artistic training and rehearsals. Students get benefit from this theater to hold various artistic and cultural activities annually. In addition they apply what they have learned in the literature and theater classes at the faculties of education and art.

The faculties of the university organize training courses and exhibitions in which professional teachers and artists participate and these activities benefit many students. These sessions often end with an exhibition of participants' productions. University teams also participate in the events organized by the ministry and achieve top positions in their participation as an example, the university theater group achieved the first place in The Student Theater Competition which was organized by the ministry.


The University also gives its students the opportunity to contribute to humanitarian and charitable events. The university students organize several campaigns annually to help the people in need in Al-Muthanna province. These contributions are appreciated by the citizens and the government officials. For example, the students organize visits to orphanages to provide financial support to them. I addition, many blood donation campaigns have been organized at our university.


In addition, many charity markets have been organized by the university students in various facilities of the university and throughout the academic year. These markets sell products manufactured and provided by the students and the profits of these markets are allocated to help the needy people in the province. Dozens of the university students and staff participate in these events and give benefits to many people annually. It should be noted that the university cooperates with many charities and organizations in order to provide financial support to the largest people in need.