National Ranking

The ministry of higher education in Iraq ranks the Iraqi universities each year based on several criteria and standards. These standards are used to measure the efficiency and the quality of the Iraqi universities and colleges. The ranking is based on aspects such as:  the infrastructure and service, teaching and learning, quality assurance and accreditation, scientific research, and scientific activities.

At the last ranking, Al-Muthanna University has been ranked as the eighth in the institutional performance ranking. At the scientific departments’ performance ranking, we achieved the fifth place while we achieved the twentieth place at the humanities departments’ performance ranking among the 35 Iraqi government universities.

International Ranking

Being at the international ranking is one of the most important strategic objectives in the university’s plan. We are eager and working with alacrity in order to be ranked at many international ranking such as QS, Shanghai, Green Metric, URAP, RUR, THE, and the Scimago Institutional Ranking.

At the Webometrics ranking, Al-Muthanna University has been ranked at the 36th place among all the 100 Iraqi universities and colleges (government universities and private universities).