Al-Muthanna University is a young university as it established at 2007 and that is why we are full of the young’s persistence and motivation as well as the wisdom of our senior faculty members. Al-Muthanna University is focused from the first day on making the world and our community a better place through education, innovation and research. Our ( 658 ) faculty members are actively engaged in research, participating in the international conferences, editing and reviewing research in the international journals, supervising graduate students ,authoring books, and making patents. During recent years, many achievements have been made.

Our faculty members has made (28) patents which are focused on many areas such as medicine, nursing, engineering, education and humanities, science, agriculture, and physical education. Click here to read more about our patents. Our faculty members are focused on research, there are (547) research papers that have been published on international journals, there are (1274) research papers that have been published on local journals, (113) scientific study have been conducted. In addition, our faculty members have been actively involved in cooperating with other Iraqi universities in organizing dissertation defense committees, there are (366) participation from our faculty members. Also, there are (459) faculty members who are involved in supervising our graduate students.      

In addition, there are (412) participation of our faculty members in international activities. These activities include participating in international conferences, being as a member of an international union, being a member or an editor in an international journal, reviewing research papers for international journals and other forms of any international collaboration between our faculty members and the international community. On the other hand, our faculty members have participated at (404) local conferences. In addition, we have organized (41) scientific conferences at our university.

To enrich the knowledge in many different scientific fields, we motivate our faculty members to author books as we believe that books have the power to enlighten and develop our community and the world. There are (56) books have been authored by our faculty members. These books cover many areas and fields such as medicine, nursing, engineering, education and humanities, science, law, business and economy, agriculture, and physical education. In addition, our faculty members have been awarder with (15) scientific awards.

Many other activities have been done at our campus such as seminars, workshops, and training courses. Many of these activities are open to our students, faculty members as well as other participants from outside the university such as faculty members from other Iraqi university. In addition, it could be open to public people from our community. There were (1688) seminars, (408) workshops, and (243) training courses.

In addition, there were several scientific and cultural activities such as podcasting scientific movies, arranging scientific trips, making scientific and art galleries, making lab experiments, arranging scientific debates and competitions, conducting public surveys, visiting and supporting orphanage institutions, and making concerts. There were (217) scientific and cultural activities.

Our students are active and have been engaging at several students’ activities such as making fundraising campaigns, cleaning campaigns, arranging sport competitions, making free medical lab tests for the public, arranging educational seminars, arranging concerts and galleries, producing plays and movies, planting trees and decorating the collages. There were (332) students activities.