Mission and Values

Our Vision

Al-Muthanna University aspires to be a comprehensive educational edifice that provides a distinct educational service. We are ambitions to establish productive community partnerships and excellent research and academic studies that benefit the future of Al-Muthanna province and our county, Iraq.

Our Mission:

  1. Providing distinguished higher education in accordance with the international standards that integrates with the labor market and its requirements to qualify high quality graduates with distinct scientific, educational and ethical skills.
  2. Striving to keep pace with the scientific development in order to create a competent specialized generation.
  3. Focusing on the authentic scientific research and its ethics and producing research that serves the strategic plans of Iraq and achieves excellence for the University globally.
  4. Focusing on the authenticity and quality in education using a distinct faculty members and staff.
  5. Working to serve the local community through the scientific research and various scientific consultations to solve the problems and raise the level of performance of the local community’s institutions.