Health Center

Health Services

The role of universities is not limited by providing the scientific and research services, but also it includes paying attention to their employees in an effort to provide an ideal atmosphere that enables the staff, faculty member and the student to conduct their activities smoothly and ideally.

Universities work for providing the best health services to its members. Al-Muthanna University has been interested since its foundation in providing many services to the administrative staff and faculty members especially in the scientific, cultural and sports. As well as, the university has been keen since its first day to provide health services to its administrative staff and faculty members and also to the people of the province, as in the medical clinics at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Complementing this endeavor comes the opening of the health center on campus. The health center at the university is one of the most important services in the academic environment because of its therapeutic and health benefits which are provided to university staff and students. It was established in 2014 and is the result of a joint cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Health represented by the Department of Health at Al-Muthanna city. The health center provides many services such as therapeutic and medical services, nursing services, laboratory tests, early detection of blood pressure and diabetes, dental services, and providing medications. All these services are free of charge for all patients who come by an examination form that is given from the administration unites in the university. All other patients are provided with the health services they need by a very small fees. The center also provides school health services to the families of the University's members living in the residential complex.

The Health Center is concerned with the implementation of the health programs entrusted to it by the Department of Public Health in the ministry of heath in Iraq. These duties include orginizing inspection visits to the student's clubs, restaurants and cafeterias on campus to ensure the health security in the food and the beverages.

In addition, these visites ensure the health and safety of the workers in those places and follow up with the health regulations. The center works continuously to orginize visits to the university's dorms to ensure the health and the safety of the students and the prevention of the transmitted diseases.

The center includes several administrative units that work to provide health and administrative services and facilitate the flow of vistors. Among these units, the medical unit which is the main unit in the health center that provides medical and health services and consultations of all kinds. The second important unit is the pharmacy unit which is directly responsible for receiving medicines from the authorities and delivers it to the patients according to medical reports and examinations prescribed by the doctors.

The center also includes a laboratory unit which is responsible for conducting laboratory investigations and analyzes of diseases and conduct medical tests.

The University Health Center is keen to apply the program of early detection of blood pressure and diabetes and the department has a specialized administrative unit in this regard under the name of the administrative unit of the pressure and diabetes.

The center includes other various units such as the school health unit, the dental unit, the ticket unit, the statistics and follow-up unit, and the civil defense unit.

It is worth mentioning that the health center at the university provides medical services to more than 15000 members of the university, including professors, employees and students.

In addition, the university seeks to develop and upgrade its health services provided to the public through its intention to establish and construct an educational hospital to serve the university and the province. This is part of the government investment projects that aim to upgrade all the services provided in the higher education institutions in Iraq.




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