Facts And Figures


On average, each year Al-Muthanna University accepts around 1660 students at the undergraduate programs that are offered by our collages. The highest acceptance rate goes to the oldest college at our campus which is the college of education that accepts 550 students on average each year. The second place goes to the collage of the basic education which accepts 394 students on average each year. In addition, Al-Muthanna University accepts many students at the graduate programs that are offered by the College of Science, the College of Agriculture, the College of education, the College of Physical Education, and the College of Economics and Administration.

Many elite students were admitted to our university for example in the last year, there were 476 students how achieved excellent grades at the high school and they were admitted to our colleges in many studying fields such as medicine, pharmacy, density, nursing, engineering, science and education. The acceptance in those fields is very competitive.

Students’ Residence

Around 1000 students are living in the dorms that are provided by our university. These dorms provide all the services that are necessary for the students. Many administrative staff is engaged with our students in a daily basis in order to satisfy their needs. The dorms are comfortable, secure, and almost free of charge.

Our Faculty Members

Our faculty members are the university’s essence and their work drives the university toward achieving excellence in research and education. There are around 630 faculty members at our university. Those members hold master and PhD degrees and are engaging in teaching, lab work, and research. There are 138 faculty members who hold PhD degree in different academic areas.

Academic Programs

There are 34 undergraduate academic programs that are offered by our colleges in different academic areas. The highly competitive programs are medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, and engineering. In engineering we offer civil, architecture, and chemical engineering. In science, we cover many fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, and math and computer application. In economics, we cover many fields such as accounting, financial science, and business administration. In humanities, we cover history, Arabic, English, and geography. In addition, the collage of physical education offers bachelor and master degrees in physical education.