Al-Muthanna University administration strives to provide the best educational experience and educational environment to the students. Our ultimate goal is graduating successful students who can build and enrich our society. In order to reach this goal, we must provide all the necessary students' needs. One of our important obligations is providing an excellent accommodation to our students.

The university dorms are best suited to accommodate one thousand students on average. The dorms consist of eight buildings; two of them are located inside the main campus with a walking distance to the colleges. The others are located in Alsamawah city center in locations that are very close to restaurants, malls, coffee shops, and other recreation facilities. In addition, transportation is provided to our students to transport them between the dorms and their colleges.

The safety and comfort of our students are very important. Each dorm is managed by the dorm's manager and the administrative staff which include the dorm's supervisors. The supervisors are monitoring the dorm twenty four hours during each day of the week. In addition, each dorm is protected by the university's police to make sure that our students are safe at all times.

Each dorm is equipped with cooling and heating services which are provided throughout the year. In addition, a backup electric generator is provided to secure the electricity at all times. Each apartment and shared room is fully furnished in order to satisfy the students’ needs. At each dorm, there are studying areas that are designed to help the student to focus on their assignments and exams. In addition, a fast internet service is provided at each dorm to keep the students connected to the world.

The registration process is very simple and convenient. It starts by filling an online registration form and bringing a photo copy of the students’ documents. Also, a medical examination is required from all the students. All the students have to pay a small amount of money as accommodation fees. After completing all the necessary requirements, the students will be admitted to one of our dorms.

The university administration plans to increase the capacity of our dorms by building new dorms inside the main campus. These buildings will accommodate all our future students and provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable place to stay and study at our university.