Consulting Clinics

Consulting Clinics



At Al-Muthanna University, we focus on providing public services to all the people of Al-Muthanna province as well as providing the scientific material to the students and the researchers. At the top of these tasks is the services provided by the consultative clinics in the medical related colleges which include five faculties: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and veterinary medicine. Hundreds of students from different parts of Iraq are taught by a distinguished groups of teachers.These colleges offer a wide range of services to the public and are open daily to help those in need.


The Faculty of Dentistry, for example, has fully equiped medical clinics that provide oral and dental services to the public at supported prices. These clinics play two main roles in the college, the first of which is as clinics for the training of students, especially those in final academic years. As is well known, the practical training is an essential part of the curriculum of medical colleges. The second role is to emphasize that Al-Muthanna University is an academic institution that provides public services to all the people of Al-Muthanna province.


The dentistry consultancy clinics offer services at low prices compared to those in private clinics. The clinics' tasks include all services related to the oral health. These clinics serve dozens of citizens daily during the working hours and in various specialties. The visitors will find all the specialties and tests that may be needed such as the medical examinations, x-ray and medical treatment. In addition to the drugs that are prescribed to the patients and taken under a strict medical superviseon.


It should be noted here that the clinics are equipped with modern and advanced equipments that were made by recognized international manufacturers. The university pays special attention to these clinics and is keen in providing all the equipments and materials that are needed in order to ensure providing the best service to the patients. We can say that the trainee in these clinics will receive excellent training and that the patients will be provided by remarkable services.


In addition, the faculties of Medicine and Nursing at the University allow their professors and students to organize service activities that benefit everyone, especially on large occasions where special health campaigns are organized.


With regard to the animal health, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine opens its doors to public vistors and provides them with the advices and the consultancies that are needed to ensure the protection and the care of their animals.


Since its establishment, Al-Muthanna University emphasizes its public service role and its keenness to exceed the boundaries of the classroom and reach the farthest point in the province to provide services to the people and we has achieved remarkable successes and significant gains.


It is worth mentioning that Al-Muthanna University recently opened a large building that provides scientific laboratories. These laboratories are dedicated to serving the medical related colleges and it's provided with advanced equipments and materials.


There is a serious endeavor by the university to establish an educational hospital that serves the medical students and opens its doors to the public. This represents a serious effort to take advantage of the resources available at the university in order to provide outstanding health service to people.


The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq encourages its public and private universities to provide public services to the people. The ministry has had remarkable roles in this field, where its institutions represent points of study and research in order to provide effective solutions to the problems that may face the people. In addition, addressing the shortage that may appear in the basic services needed by the people is an important issue that has especial attention from the ministry. These roles are cherished, appreciated, and encouraged by the people.