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Centers & Institutions

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  • Center of Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawa Studies

The Center of Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawah Studies

The Center of Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawah Studies established at 2008 to develop the scientific knowledge and the scientific expertise regarding the desert of Al-Samawah and Sawah Lake. One of the center’s main goals is achieving the optimal utilization of the deserts’ natural resources and the preservation of its natural environment.

The Center’s Objectives

  • Conducting research and studies on Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawah. In addition, creating a database that is related to the environmental, social and economic aspects of the desert area.
  • Contacting and cooperating with the state’s institutions which are related to the development of Al-Samawah Desert, through joint ventures, and providing advisory services.
  • Conducting surveys and scientific researches related to the components of Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawah.
  • Encouraging researchers, specialists and technicians to conduct studies and scientific research, and providing the necessary support for graduate students and researchers to accomplish their tasks.
  • Cooperating with the Iraqi, Arab and foreign institutions and the scientific research centers to address the problems that require the use of local and international expertise.
  • Holding scientific symposiums and conferences that are related to conducting scientific research and surveys related to the Al-Samawah Desert and Lake Sawah.
  • Participating in courses and scientific conferences inside and outside the country.

The Center’s Activities

  • Biodiversity in Al-Samawah Desert
    • Conducting a comprehensive survey of the green areas that cover Al-Samawah Desert and identify:
    • The wild plants
    • The Cultivated plants
    • The Pastoral seasonal plants
    • The density of plants and determine their location and identifying the rare and threatened with extinction plants.
  • Conducting a comprehensive survey that are related to animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, Insects)
  • The Center is concerned with studying the environmental, hydrological and geomorphological aspects of Lake Sawah, which deals with identifying the problems and then developing solutions. The Center is also concerned with studying the demographic aspects of Al-Samawah Desert in terms of population, growth rate and geographical distribution the population.
  • The center is a member of the National Action Committee for the project of neutralizing the impact of desert land degradation in the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The center is a member of the national team of the Council of Advisors, which is affiliated to the presidency of the Council of Ministers to study the causes of the low water levels of Lake Sawah
  • All the center’s researchers are members of the Biodiversity Consortium in Al-Muthanna Governorate.
  • The center is a member of the national team for the nature reserves of the Ministry of Health and Environment.
  • The center works to include the Lake Sawah on the World Heritage List.