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Al-Muthanna University has achieved a new patent

In a unique achievement and in less than a month, a new patent was added to a teaching staff at Al-Muthanna University where Dr. We’am Saad Abdel-Hamza, Head of the Environment and Pollution Department at the Faculty of Science, obtained a patent related to “Detection of Uranium 238 Using the Polymer CR-39 in Liquid Blood Samples”.

Dr. We’am said,  the research group (in cooperation with Nahrain University\ Faculty of Science and Baghdad University\ Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences) has developed a method to measure the U238 ratio in blood samples to detect depleted uranium contamination. Fresh blood is used instead of burnt blood which was used in the Conventional method of CR 39 test, where the new method is a major shortening of effort and time in addition to avoiding the microbial contamination caused by the classical method of examination.

A new method for estimating Uranium 238 was developed from the old method by using fresh blood samples instead of burned blood ash prepared discs. Blood was used in sampling on the polymer CR-39, after irradiation with neutrons and calculating traces of fissions. This new method changed the conventional old method into more fast and effective method.



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