Undergraduate Admissions


At Al-Muthanna University, we accept all the students who apply through the Iraqi central admission system which is managed by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in Iraq. Those students study at the university for free and can enroll at the morning studying system. In addition, we offer an evening studying system in which the students have to pay supported fees in order to obtain the degree. The following are the general requirements for admission. 


A student who is admitted to universities must:

  • Hold an Iraqi nationality certificate.
  • Holds a certificate of the Iraqi high school study supported by the Directorate of the General Education in the province or an equivalent certificate.
  • The student should be born in 1994 upwards
  • Medical examination shall be carried out according to the conditions of each study and the student should pass the examination
  • It is not permissible to combine job and study (at the same time) in the colleges for the morning studying system.
  • The students should be a graduate of the current academic year or the previous academic year.
  • Non-Iraqi students who hold a certificate of the Iraqi high school study and have centrally accepted, they will be notified in writing to follow up with the Central Admission Unit at the ministry in order to complete their application process.

The documents that are required from students during the registration are listed below:

  • The original copy of the certificate of the Iraqi high school supported by the Directorate of the General Education
  • Personal guarantee (according to a form prepared by the Legal Affairs Department at the University)
  • Photo copies of the student’s Iraqi identification cards.
  • Three Recent photos
  • Medical examination form.